Saturday, December 27, 2014


One of my favorite parts about break is coming back to spend time with friends. I love that no matter how much time passes since we have seen each other it feels like we were hanging out the other day. In August I wrote a DIY Pinterest-worthy photo post, describing how my friends and I always want to take pictures like the ones we see on Pinterest. Our most recent get-together was no exception.

I have to say we had our moments: we got some cute hugging pictures and pretty backgrounds.

We took pictures in pairs, and even managed to get a few where everyone's eyes were open.

 These two admitted this was their first successful roomie pic of the year.

Luckily, we captured some silly moments.

We decided to get a few single shots, and I realized how much admiration I have for fashion bloggers, because I have no idea how to stand in a photo by myself. Where do I put my hands? Am I standing up normal? This feels weird.

This last one is definitely my favorite shot of the day. She couldn't resist photo-bombing, and I'm glad she couldn't, because I think it turned out great.

This holiday season I am definitely thankful for all of my wonderful friends--both the ones from home and from college. I'm lucky enough to have friends who never fail to make me laugh, and I look forward to all of the adventures we still have ahead of us. 


  1. Your pictures turned out wonderful! I love the Stone Arch Bridge! I went there to take some pictures for my photography class a few weeks ago!

  2. Thanks Brittany! I love the Stone Arch, too! That sounds awesome. I bet you got some great shots.


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