Monday, August 5, 2013

It's Coming

What’s new? Well, college is coming up—so there’s that. In 23 days I move into the dorm that will be my home for around 9 months. A year ago I posted about being confused about what I wanted to do in a post called “Some Nights (What Do I Stand For)”—yes, like the song. But it had nothing to do with a song. This blog post revealed my inner most personal thoughts about how conflicted I was about what college to choose. Who would have ever guessed I wouldn’t even pick a college until April? I thought I would know right away. People said, “you’ll just know.” Only, I didn’t, and that scared me more than anything. At first, I questioned my decision a lot, but after attending SOAR and getting more and more pumped up for the experience, I know I wouldn’t be happier anywhere else.

I am thrilled about my future roommate. I can’t wait to start some of these classes! And there are so many exciting activities to participate on campus that I want to be a part of. I really do hope that it turns out to be everything that I am dreaming.

So what’s this blog post really about, then? Sorry, sometimes I veer off track a little bit. I wanted to talk about this quote by Nathan Scott*—and other related topics. It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time thinking. In fact, lately I have taken to making jokes about how much I think. Like I’ve said before, I really think it’s a writer thing. I just spend a lot of time in my own head, because there is a lot that goes on in there. I have really been pondering something in particular that I need to get off my chest. A few days ago someone told me that I wouldn’t make a living off writing, and that I shouldn’t go for my passion thinking that I am going to make money after college. 

Maybe I am young, and maybe I am naïve about the world. But is it foolish to want to do what you love? Am I stupid? All right, I’ll bite. Let’s just say that going after my dream will lead to failure. Well, am I not failing if I don’t love what I’m doing? In my book all the money in the world is not worth settling. You wouldn’t pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house that you don’t want to live in. So why should I pay for an education that leads to a briefcase and bland coffee?

I don’t want a cubicle; I want a movie that changes someone’s life. I want to create that moment that inspires someone to stop living the life that they think they should be living and start living the one that they have dreamt of. I want to follow my dream.

Ok, we’ve heard this before; so what’s new about this message? Like Nathan Scott said, this is my life, and the difference is now that it’s here.

*Nathan Scott is James Lafferty’s character on One Tree Hill (I keep telling you guys to watch this; so I am assuming you already knew this). 


  1. Hey Taylor, I'm really glad that you posted this, because that's what I'm going through with my granddad. He wants me to be able to get a job that makes money so I can be secure. While that's all well and good, I want to follow my dream to be a marine biologist one day, he doesn't approve. But I agree with you, that we should follow what our dreams are for that's why we dream, so we can achieve and do what makes us happy.

  2. Good post. I have been thinking a lot about many things also lately. I can't wait to see what college brings!


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